Sales for those who hate the idea of selling

Become a trusted adviser to your clients, selling more effectively and closing more deals.

What makes a great agency sales-person? Certainly it’s not about hard pushy sales – it’s not about learning the trade of the double-glazing salesman. This is about becoming a trusted adviser. Collaborating and consulting effectively with your client. And by doing so, ultimately closing more deals and winning more business.

Discover how to become hard to replace increasing client retention levels and see how to move your client relationships from ‘buyer-supplier’ to ‘peer to peer’ based on your expertise and value not just your price.

What the workshop covers

  • Develop your Rainmaking skills so you win more business.
  • Identify your areas of strength and development as a ‘trusted adviser’/consultant.
  • Strengthen the 4 pillars of a Trusted Adviser: the Strategist/Value Creator, Entrepreneur, Relationship Builder and Communicator.
  • Build your gravitas, credibility and authority.
  • Avoid the 6 things which really frustrate clients.
  • Discover the 7 steps to sales success in consulting.
  • Develop the top behaviours of the most successful B2B sales people.
  • Plan how to move from ‘Buyer-Supplier’ to a ‘Peer to Peer’ relationship.
  • Understand your and your client’s behaviour profile so you can understand them better and adapt accordingly.
  • Increase the likelihood the client says ‘yes’ through 6 critical rules of influence.

Exercises and role plays

The workshop is interactive and will include exercises and role plays such as:

  • Assess yourself and focus on your specific priorities for improvement.
  • Plan how you will build stronger more robust client relationships.

What others are saying

Chris is the perfect 'latent potential unlocker'. He's perfected the art of teaching all levels to understand, have confidence in and use, fast working, value driving commercial strategies... my team have increased in confidence, are having ballsy conversations with marketing clients and procurement trust grows...

Each course we run with Chris pays back within a month. The payback tends to be a mixture of better briefing from clients to get better results, reduced over-servicing and/or doors opening to other parts of the client's business as they value the impact and confidence we build in them. I couldn't recommend Chris highly enough

Managing Director, Propellernet
Chris's negotiation course forms a key part of our training plans for people above Associate Director level. It's a very impactful day. The mix of theory, examples and practice hits the spot and the result is that people feel confident to use techniques immediately. We have recorded many instances of people pushing back with clients and negotiating successfully on time and cost. Early success inspires greater confidence and the practice establishes itself quickly and thoroughly through the business. Director, MMR Research
Thank you for the contribution you have made to the future development and growth of our company...the negotiation skills is already starting to deliver a return on investment...fee levels are rising…deadlines more realistic... Managing Director, Blue Chip Marketing

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