Helping Agencies become more profitable

Face to face & remote training to help agencies help their clients.

No nonsense, practical, proven strategies and techniques to help your team be more successful, confident and competitive.

In today’s agencies, there is increased pressure from clients to do more for less. Our typical reaction to such pressure is to run faster, work harder and work longer – none of which are very productive in the long term. We will equip your people to achieve improved results and take ‘brave’ decisions by helping them change their behaviour. We will give you practical strategies to help you handle unprofitable or unreasonable clients, inadequate budgets, unreasonable deadlines, poor briefs and scope creep.

Chris has studied what the most successful and least successful agencies do and he shares the gold nuggets so his agency clients can be more profitable and successful.

We will help you focus proactively on your long term business goals such as profitable revenue growth and long term trusted adviser relationships with your senior client decision makers. We aim to deliver a demonstrable return on investment for you, helping you leverage your expertise and real value to your clients.

What others are saying
Chris is the perfect 'latent potential unlocker'. He's perfected the art of teaching all levels to understand, have confidence in and use, fast working, value driving commercial strategies...... my team have increased in confidence, are having ballsy conversations with marketing clients and procurement trust grows...
Each course we run with Chris pays back within a month. The payback tends to be a mixture of better briefing from clients to get better results, reduced over-servicing and/or doors opening to other parts of the client's business as they value the impact and confidence we build in them.
I couldn't recommend Chris highly enough Managing Director, Propellernet
...our team now constructively push back on deadlines effectively without any negative response from clients. They ask more questions resulting in better briefs and longer timelines. We have cut down the amount of time spent on unnecessary work, but the biggest and by far the best result has been to recover more fee for work already completed ... that in the past we would not have asked clients to pay. Managing Director, Aurora Healthcare Communications
Chris's training style is inclusive, informative and challenging... It made our teams sit up and take notice... It allowed people to feel confident in their own abilities... using Chris's practical tools and advice... challenging clients, working towards great briefs, significantly improving client relationships and improving our business.In the last two years our new business GP has risen over 300% and profitability almost doubled.... we now know where to focus and how to work smarter! Managing Director, Palmer Hargreaves
We are delighted to have made the progress we have and your part in the project has been pivotal to our success... let me say how impressed we have been as a team with the part you have played and you have our appreciation. CEO, Arena Media from the teams has been extremely positive. I am certain the course will help us to make a real change to the business and deliver tangible results to the bottom line - we recovered the cost of the course within 24 hours. Group Finance Director, Cogent Elliott
Thank you for the contribution you have made to the future development and growth of our company…the negotiation skills is already starting to deliver a return on investment…fee levels are rising…deadlines more realistic… Managing Director, Blue Chip Marketing

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