Negotiation For Agencies


Improve your agency’s profitability and client relationships through negotiating confidently and effectively. Reduce over-service and scope creep.

By negotiating profitably, commercially and confidently you will typically increase net profits by 10-15%. More importantly your client relationships will improve. Understand your value more clearly and learn the behaviours needed to push back on poor briefs, inadequate budgets and deadlines plus resolve unprofitable clients.

Chris has studied what the most successful and least successful agencies do and he shares the gold nuggets so his agency clients can be more profitable and successful.

What the workshop covers

  • Earn the fees you deserve.
  • Learn the ‘secrets’ of the most profitable agencies (and least profitable agencies).
  • Understand your value then sell it.
  • Understand how your mindset affects your ability to negotiate well.
  • Learn how to work with senior decision makers with authority and budgets, not ‘messengers’.
  • Identify profit vampire clients and develop strategies to improve the situation.
  • Client profitability and relationship improvement planning.
  • Reduce the impact of under-pricing, over-servicing and scope creep.
  • 20 point negotiation preparation checklist.
  • Proactive pricing techniques to optimise your price, revenue and profitability.
  • Be better prepared to know how to respond to price challenges and unfair client demands more effectively.
  • Move from ‘wimp’ to ‘winner’ by being more assertive and more able to say ‘no’ appropriately.

Exercises and role plays

The workshop is interactive and will include exercises and role plays such as:

  • Negotiate with the client from hell – practical role play
  • You’re at least 10% more expensive than the other agencies we use
  • Handling a client used to over-service and being able to scope creep
  • New client negotiations eg. ‘Drop your fees and you’ve got the business’
  • Resolving or ‘slaying’ a profit vampire client
  • Develop a profitability and client relationship improvement plan

What others are saying
...your experience of agency life was a real benefit and hit the spot with our senior team...people could immediately put what they had learnt into practice. I have witnessed a lot more confidence from people when they handle a tricky client negotiation and now don't spend weeks avoiding the issue! I particularly appreciated the fact you took time to understand the company, our culture and make sure the content reflected our needs. Director, Fishburn Hedges
Negotiation. We all claim to be masters, but are we? After the Merrington Magic you will be. The sessions are as scary as they are useful...crammed full with practical ways to manage negotiations for the better... Executive Chairman, Bright Blue Day Ltd.
We are delighted to have made the progress we have and your part in the project has been pivotal to our success...let me say how impressed we have been as a team with the part you have played and you have our appreciation. CEO, Arena Media
I have been a big fan of yours since we did your Negotiation Training several years ago and I feel it changed the way I worked and the confidence I felt for the better. I have enjoyed helping others around me develop this confidence and am always grateful for your wise words and help. Senior Director, Wasserman

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