Negotiation for successful sales people

Sell more easily and more successfully, developing your negotiation skills with our practical, proven strategies and techniques.

The typical reaction to pressure is to run faster, work harder and work longer. There is another way, our way. It’s not “training”. It’s about changing behaviour. We equip your people to know how to achieve improved results and how to take ‘brave’ decisions such as how to handle unprofitable or unreasonable clients, poor briefs, inadequate budgets, unreasonable deadlines and scope creep.

We understand sales people. We’ve worked with sales people within companies such as Sky Media, The Telegraph, EMAP, Johnson & Johnson and Fresenius Kabi (even antique dealers).

We help sales people focus proactively on their long term business goals such as profitable revenue growth and long term trusted adviser relationships with senior client decision makers. Our aim is to deliver a demonstrable return on investment for you by leveraging your expertise and real value to your clients and customers.

What the workshop covers

  • Understanding how your mindset affects your ability to negotiate effectively.
  • Learn how to work with senior decision makers with authority and budgets, not ‘messengers’.
  • Identify your poor performing customers and develop strategies to resolve them.
  • Discover the 4 simple steps to success.
  • 20 point negotiation preparation checklist.
  • Proactive pricing techniques to optimise your price and profitability.
  • Learn how to handle price challenges – “You’re at least 10% more expensive than the other companies we are talking to” – confidently and effectively.
  • Move from ‘wimp’ to ‘winner’ by being more assertive and more able to say ‘no’ appropriately.

Exercises and role plays

  • Responding to “You’re at least 10% more expensive than the other companies we use”.
  • New client negotiations ie ‘Drop your fees/prices by x% and you’ve got the business’.
  • Identify the most common price challenges and how to respond to them.
  • Your client demands a major discount on your prices, how will you respond?

...thank you for the excellent ‘masterclass’... for our annual Sales Conference…had an instant impact on our sales team – it couldn’t have been more relevant and the team were engaged throughout. The skills, ideas and examples were put into practice…the sales team are negotiating more effectively with our common objection...price.   Sales and Marketing Director, Fresenius Kabi
Thank you very much for your excellent keynote at our annual conference... your presentation was very well received. I was pleased that you took the first slot, as you set the tone for the entire day. Your talk was energising, humorous and very informative. I was initially concerned that this topic might be perceived as teaching antiques dealers to 'suck eggs' but there were no such accusations and I think the dealers found your pointers genuinely useful. CEO, Lapada (The Association of Art and Antiques Dealers)
It has been a pleasure working with you on the Barcelona 2011 Sales Conference...I definitely feel your contribution...has been part of hitting our Q1 business plan. The team also requested a follow up later this year. Definitely a workshop to recommend to all sales teams. Marketing Manager, UK/Ireland Johnson & Johnson

Your delivery of the Consultative Selling, Negotiation and Presentation Skills modules has been a real success. Every piece of feedback, without exception, has been positive. This is both in terms of the course content and your engaging style. In the first week after training we calculated a real increase in sales of over £40,000. Our Human Resources Director, is delighted with the results, we very much hope that you will continue to be a business partner with us.

Thank you for your energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter and for sharing your level of knowledge with the teams in a fun and focused way.

Learning & Development, Telegraph Media Group

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