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Never pitch to strangers featured image

Never pitch to strangers

I wrote this article about 3 years ago and given recent conversations with my agency clients I thought I’d re-post with

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How will you be better in 2023? featured image

How will you be better in 2023?

It’s getting harder than ever to grow a profitable and successful agency. What worked in the past probably won’t be enough

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In times of turmoil featured image

In times of turmoil

The future is looking even less predictable for clients and therefore their agencies. We’re in a recession – and that’s not

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The storm clouds are gathering… featured image

The storm clouds are gathering…

Is there a perfect storm on the horizon for agencies? Inflation is now predicted to reach 13% and “a long recession”

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Should you always re-pitch? featured image

Should you always re-pitch?

Jane phoned me in a panic. Her agency had been asked to re-pitch for her client’s business. She sounded worried. She

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