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Never pitch to strangers featured image

Never pitch to strangers

When agencies I’m working with want to improve their new business success I ask them to analyse their historic pitch conversion

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One step beyond featured image

One step beyond

In 1979 Madness released the single “One Step Beyond”. Listening to it the other day got me thinking: How can you

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Being soft can be really hard featured image

Being soft can be really hard

Heads of agencies often ask me if I can help their people be more commercially savvy, unafraid to talk about money

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Who agreed that? featured image

Who agreed that?

You might be surprised how often, when I’m working with agencies, and I’m told that something ridiculous was agreed with the

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What does this mean for your agency? featured image

What does this mean for your agency?

“Three-quarters of major brands reviewing their agency roster” The article in Marketing Week then goes on to say ‘clients are reviewing

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